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If You Need Help...

If you have mental health or substance use concerns, you should know that assistance is available.

The Pennsylvania Psychiatric Society is a professional organization for psychiatrists, and its staff cannot provide medical advice or counseling. We do not have a specific referral service, but if you are experiencing mental health or substance use concerns, here are some suggestions to assist you in finding appropriate help:

  • Call your family physician or PCP (primary care physician) for a referral to a psychiatrist in your area.
  • Call your health insurance plan and ask for a referral to a psychiatrist. There is usually a phone number on the back of your insurance card for you to call.
  • Look in the phone book under the section for Physicians and Surgeons by specialty, and then find the “Psychiatry” section.
  • Call your county's Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities Services office. The phone number is usually listed in the blue pages of phone directories under “County Government” or “Guide to Human Services.” This is an option for anyone, those with and those without insurance.
  • If you are feeling desperate or in need of urgent care, go to your local hospital's emergency room and ask for assistance.

Remember: mental health and substance use treatments are available to assist in your recovery.