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PaPS has an immediate need for your contribution to our Political Action Committee (PAC) fund, the PPP-PAC. By law, PaPS cannot use your dues funds to support the Pennsylvania legislators most supportive of mental health. For these purposes, the Society relies entirely on your PPP-PAC donations.

To make an online donation to PPP-PAC, please click here.

If you prefer to by using a personal check, click here for a PPP-PAC donation form.

By contributing to the PPP-PAC, you ensure that your voice is heard in the Pennsylvania General Assembly. This money allows the PaPS lobbyist, staff, and officers to regularly speak and interact with members of both the Pennsylvania House and Senate regarding issues that directly impact your daily practice, the quality of care, and the services received by persons with mental illnesses. PaPS uses PPP-PAC funds to gain entrance to fundraising events that allow the Society to “be the face of psychiatry” and convey our mission and objectives. When we have the chance to meet with key legislators, our profile is enhanced and the exposure increases the chances that PaPS’ expertise and insight will be sought out or considered.

PaPS routinely lobbies on such issues as:

  • Medication prescription rights
  • Medical malpractice
  • Patient protections through scope of practice
  • Mental health insurance benefits
  • Commitment procedures and standards
  • Patient confidentiality and medical records issues
  • Rules for inpatient treatment
  • Gun control
  • Child abuse reporting
  • Opiates, and
  • Criminal justice issues

In order to make wise decisions, legislators need to know the correct facts and arguments. Please help PaPS deliver your message! Send a personal PPP-PAC donation and consider it an investment in your profession and your future! Corporate contributions are prohibited.